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 Dear Friends, I am joyfully celebrating the launch of The Liberator Method Relationship Mastery Training, Partnership On Conscious Purpose, at The Soul Center.  Sheltered by the sun-saturated foothills of The Colorado National Monument, this transformational retreat offers profound insight & healing resolution for relationship partners and also gifts participants with a real world practice to sustain and support their ongoing progress.  I hope you'll join us!

                  -Rhonda Christensen, Founder

The Liberator Method's Mission:  We are Liberating Minds, Restoring Trust, and Illuminating the Authentically Loving & Free Will Nature of all Souls.  We are joyfully lending grace and ease to the ongoing Evolution of Consciousness and Actualizing Peace on Earth.

The process begins with the awareness that PARTNERSHIPS are a powerful vehicle for healing the ineffective and even harmful ways you've unconsciously learned to relate to yourself!

No matter what the issues you are being presented with look like... the relationship you are seeking to improve (your relationship with your partner, your spouse, your parent, or your relationship with yourself)... 


 REVITALIZING WEEKEND RETREATS will open your eyes to a WHOLE NEW WAY OF BEING with yourself that will completely shift your experience for the positive. This paradigm shift will change the way you see your experience and restore your personal power to consciously facilitate the positive outcomes you are desiring! 

This Soul Center™ retreat is NOT your standard motivational workshop or seminar.  It is a valuable opportunity to transform yourself for the better, through the vehicle of your relationship, in a joyous, intimate, consecrated, soul-centered setting.

The Liberator Method™ Partnership Mastery Training:


August 18th-21st, 2011

    At The Soul Center™, Grand Junction, Colorado

What types of Relationship Issues can this Mastery Training assist with? 

Our Mastery Trainings specialize in teaching partners to witness their relationship from the perspective of the Conscious Soul, harnessing the power of each individual's Subconscious Mind.  As subconscious issues evolve, they compulsively manifest as communication problems, mid-life crises, intimacy issues, narcissism, sexual addiction, infidelity, affairs, codependency, love addiction, phobias, substance addictions, dysfunctional family patterns, parenting issues, etc.  These issues have meaning and value.

We also regularly assist couples that are contemplating the decision whether to stay together or whether to release their relationship through separation and/or divorce.

Are there necessary conditions for success at this advanced level of training?

Yes.  Each individual must be freely willing to experiment with the following 3 choices:  (1)-to be open to the possibility that subconscious dynamics are revealing themselves through the vehicle of the relationship itself, (2)-to unconditionally love and accept themselves through what is being mirrored to them (no matter what) and (3)-to gracefully and peacefully honor and accept the choices they made as the issue evolved in the physical world (for more detailed information, please see the 'Mission and Core Values' page on this website).


Having experienced the 10 session Liberator Method™ Counseling Program is a mandatory prerequisite to this advanced level of training.

The Liberator Method Mastery Training for Relationship Partners Includes:

  • A positively life-changing 4 day Retreat in Colorado, with other couples committed to develop a truly loving relationship that is serving a conscious purpose (2-5 couples per retreat group). If you are interested in scheduling a private one-on-one retreat with the Facilitators, we can make this available (please see the 'Private Relationship Intensive' page on this site).
  • Support from an experienced psychotherapist (Rhonda Christensen, MA, Founder) during the retreat.
  • Meals and lodging at The Soul Center during the course of the retreat.

Are You Longing To…

  • Cultivate potent healthy human connections and a more conscious partnership?
  • Move past subconscious blocks and inherited limitations that have been preventing you from enjoying your relationship potential (Soul Mate, Twin Flame, etc.)?
  • Apply the proven Spiritual Principles of Intention and Manifestation (as taught through TLM Mastery Trainings) and, by so doing, witness yourself as a Miracle Worker in your own life.
  • Center your own Soul and reconnect with your relationship partner's Soul in a beautiful, naturally consecrated, high-desert destination?
I am inviting you to join me, Rhonda Christensen, and my Conscious Relationship Partner, Todd Tawzer, as we demonstrate how you are already engaged in the process of Mastering the Principles of Conscious Manifestation through the dynamic vehicle of your relationship experience (with or without your conscious awareness). This Mastery Training for Relationship Partners will powerfully illustrate that every relationship is a unique co-creation, that is profoundly purposeful and naturally evolving, subconsciously at first, in perfect alignment with the level of personal integrity each person has acquired the courage and awareness to choose to operate from.  Being True to Your Self is an ADVANCED ART FORM!  This work is positively inspiring!
You need not be in a romantic relationship to join us – we simply require you to bring along a 'significant other' who shares your willingness to engage in, and evolve through, this advanced level of Consciousness training (parent and adult child, co-workers, business partners, intimate partners, spouses, close friends, adult siblings, etc.)
The Liberator Method honors relationship partnerships of all lengths (new through long term), all levels of partnership commitment (dating, married, domestic partnership, business partnership, etc.), and we also unconditionally honor intimate partnership sexual orientation. 

In general TLM RETREATS facilitate Paradigm Shifts that free you to envision and then naturally begin producing heart felt desires that you previously have experienced as 'not possible'!

 We specialize in:

  • Healing subconscious agreements and disfunctional famly patterns.
  • Deciphering subconscious entanglements and then consciously, intentionally re-energizing the connections you have with your spouse, partner or other relationships.
  • Bringing to your awareness, and then curing, the harmful ways you've learned to relate to yourself.
  • Re-framing the purpose and meaning inherent in the interactions you have with significant people in your life.
  • Resolving YOUR subconscious thought-forms, empowering you to truly and freely open your heart to lasting intimacy. 

 Are you Ready to Consciously Transform Your Relationship?  



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